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The Superpowers of Superfoods

At JuiceVibes we believe that Superfoods have Superpowers! 

But what makes a food a superfood you might ask? 

A food becomes a superfood when it offers desirable nutrients, is linked to disease prevention and offers several simultaneously health benefits beyond its nutritional value. 

Here are our top 5 superfoods: 

Hemp. These small brown seeds are rich in protein, fiber and essential fatty acids. They provide a range of health benefits including protecting the brain and improving skin conditions. 

Maca. A root vegetable native to Peru is shown to have positive effects on energy, stamina, and mood. Studies have also supported its ability to help balance hormones and improve sexual function. 

Acai. Acai is considered one of the healthiest berries that is super rich in antioxidants. It may help with immune support, weight management, heart health, endurance & energy, as well as anti-aging. 

Blu Majik. This exotic blue algae is high in protein, b vitamins, and calcium. Studies have shown its anti-cancer benefits and its ability to reduce heavy metals in the body. 

Milk Thistle.  Researchers from the University of Minnesota found that there is strong preclinical evidence for silymarin’s (the primary antioxidant found in milk thistle) inhibition of cancer cell growth in human prostate, skin, breast, and cervical cells. Milk thistle is also a powerful liver detoxifier that can help reverse damage from alcohol or excessive fat consumption. 

Incorporating superfoods into your daily regimen is just another way of leveling up your health and protecting your immune system.  Check out our superfood smoothies to find your superpowers. 

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