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SuperFood Smoothies To-Go

Delivered to YouR Door



Choose from three different packages and customize your box. Mix and match your favorite flavors!


Enjoy any time of the day, any day of the week, whenever you want.


Healthy eating made easy with smoothies delivered right to your door.


Eating healthy just got WAY easier.

All the ingredients you need for your next healthy smoothie are delivered straight to your doorstep!

No more grocery shopping or portioning your smoothie ingredients.

We also only use the highest quality of ingredients and keep it fresh and natural.

Be the healthiest version of yourself – subscribe to JuiceVibes and drink your way to a better you!



Small Box
6 – Superfood Smoothies Of Your Choice

Large Box
12 – Superfood Smoothies Of Your Choice


4 – Superfood Smoothies Of Your Choice

2 – Servings Of Our Current Seasonal Superfood Soup

1 – 16oz Jar Of JuiceVibes Peanut Butter

1 – 10 Count Blender Bites Of Your Choice


Curated For Your Health

4 – Superfood Smoothies Of Your Choice

2 – Servings Of Our Current Seasonal Superfood Soup

1 – Farmacy Juice Shot Trio (10oz ea.)
Wheatgrass, Flu Shot, Ginger Bomb

1 – 16oz Jar of JuiceVibes Sea Moss

Plan automatically renews after subscribing to a plan.


I start almost everyday with JuiceVibes, the smoothies are amazing. JuiceVibes is the answer for anyone who is looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Kevin Caul

I’ve never been a juice person until JuiceVibes. It has changed my life profoundly.


What can I say about JuiceVibes, except for it improves lives. All of the love and nutrition that has been put into every item has been so beneficial to my body and lifestyle.



The Superpowers of Superfoods

At JuiceVibes we believe that Superfoods have Superpowers! 

But what makes a food a superfood you might ask? 

A food becomes a superfood when it offers desirable nutrients, is linked to disease prevention and offers several simultaneously health benefits beyond its nutritional value.

Benefits of Starting Your Day With A Superfood Smoothie

When working towards a healthy lifestyle the most important choice we make each day is how we choose to nourish our body. Essentially our everyday choices become our everyday habits and healthy habits are the foundation blocks for building a healthy lifestyle. 

The Power of Plants

From the beginning of time plants have been used to heal, nurture and bring positive energy to people all over the world. Consuming a predominantly whole foods plant based diet can increase longevity and help support a healthy body by lowering the risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Plant-based diets also offer all the necessary macronutrients, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal health. 

JuiceVibes Smoothies.
Delivered to You.

Choose your box. Choose your flavors. Blend. Enjoy.

Our Superfood Smoothie Boxes Come In Two Sizes

You’ve selected the Superfood Smoothie Box – the perfect way to enjoy our delicious and nutritious smoothies at home.

Packed with wholesome ingredients like kale, spinach, and delicious fruits, it comes in two sizes – small (6 smoothies) or large (12 smoothies). Whether you’re stocking up for the week or want to try different flavors, our Superfood Smoothie Box has you covered. Stay healthy and satisfied with our delicious and nutritious smoothies!