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Our Roots

JuiceVibes planted its roots in North Carolina of 2012. 

Starting out as a brick and mortar business, Stephanie and Elizabeth set out to change the health of their communities with plant based nutrition. They wanted JuiceVibes to be a resource for health & wellness, to educate others on the benefits of creating healthy habits and offer support during the process. JuiceVibes is a company that is rooted in love and kindness with the belief that everyone should have access to the healing benefits of a plant based diet. 

Stephanie and Elizabeth created JuiceVibes Smoothies To Go so they could continue their mission impacting lives with food that nourishes and restores the body and bringing it directly to your doorstep.


Born in Eastern North Carolina, Stephanie was raised on what is considered Soul Food. Never taught to use food as medicine, her food choices were based on her family roots and traditions, not knowing this could have a negative effect on her overall health.

Everything changed for Stephanie after being introduced to a plant-based lifestyle. She began to look and feel good in her body, causing a domino effect to make healthier choices in all areas of her life. This inspired her to partner with Elizabeth and create a brand that will inspire others to love themselves enough to make healthier choices mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Born and raised in North Carolina, Elizabeth has dedicated the last 15 years of her life to help educate others about the link between diet and disease. She believes that making conscious and compassionate food choices, like a whole-foods plant based diet, is kinder to your body, to animals and the planet.

She recognized the need for JuiceVibes after moving to a rural community that was in dire need of healthy options, thus JuiceVibes became a platform for her to create healthy, nutritious options that help others on their health journey.

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