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Benefits of Starting Your Day With A Superfood Smoothie

When working towards a healthy lifestyle the most important choice we make each day is how we choose to nourish our body. Essentially our everyday choices become our everyday habits and healthy habits are the foundation blocks for building a healthy lifestyle. 

When we start each day with a healthy choice we are more likely to make healthy choices throughout the day and ultimately the week. 

Starting each day with a superfood smoothie will load your body with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and plant compounds that tend to be lacking from the Standard American Diet (The SAD diet). Not to mention, drinking superfood smoothies daily is an easy way to ensure you are meeting the recommended daily amount of fiber. Fiber is essential for a healthy digestive system.

And for those hard working busy types, superfood smoothies are quick and easy to make.  Living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t have you spending hours in the kitchen meal prepping. 

So this week try tracking your healthy habits and start each day with a superfood smoothie. 

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